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VIP Central Park carriage ride with photo stop🐴🎩📸

VIP Central Park carriage ride with photo stop🐴🎩📸

No better way to explore the highlights of Central Park’s lower loop than booking our VIP carriage ride. Sites covered include:

The Ice skating rink, The carousel, The chess & checkers house, The literally Mall, The Dairy, Summer stage, The Lake, The Boathouse, Bethesda Fountain & terrace, Cherry hill (photo Stop), Strawberry fields, Sheep’s Meadow, Tavern on the green and Columbus circle.

Our friendly drivers will gladly take few beautiful photos inside the carriage (and outside if requested) and narrate facts & trivia about the park, unless a quiet ride is requested at the start.

(All children MUST be 12 years old or under to meet the requirements for occupancy)
4 adults or less per carriage
or 3 adults & 2 children per carriage
or 2 adults & 4 children per carriage
or 1 adult & 6 children per carriage

PRICE: $140.14 per carraige +taxes & fees