About Us

We believe in creating, offering and delivering experiences that are fun and meet your sightseeing expectations. That is why we only work with a select number of the very best drivers in the industry, thus ensuring you receive top-notch professional service and communication…every time!

Internally, We foster an environment of transparency, integrity, care for our horses and open communication which allows us to constantly evolve and strive to offer the best possible service. That said, we don’t and never claimed perfection! We are human and, in rare (mostly uncontrollable) circumstances, do come up short. However, we try to fix any issue that gets brought up to our attention as much as we possible can as soon as we possibly can. That’s why we encourage and welcome feedback from our values guests!

Last but not least, we donate a small portion of our proceeds for worthy causes such is sponsoring orphans/vulnerable children, supporting vulnerable women and assisting displaced refugees.